1.2mm Brass Available! - LaserBoost!

Amanda here!

Sorry for the long waiting! 1.2mm Brass seems not to be a regular size in our area…But we finally got it!

1.2mm Brass, available in Natural, Brushed, Shiny, Sandblasted & Vibrated Finish.

Take this picture yesterday, the three main flavours in the same picture :slight_smile:

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1.2mm just happens to be the recommended alps plate thickness. guess it’s time to order another alps64 plate!


Does 1.2mm work well for Cherry MX or is it meant for Alps? I believe the Cherry spec says that the space between the plate contact surface and the tabs is 1.5mm

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LaserBoost, you guys did awesome work on the plate you made for me! Thanks!


Generally it is meant for alps switches.