1800 layout / 96% layout / full size compact - Catch all

I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but I figure it’s a good time as any to get this guide started. When I started getting into the hobby I had a pretty hard time finding good compact full size board as I wanted that mouse real-estate without compromising on the numpad or arrow clusters. As a hobbyist and a working professional this format is a fun blend for me. Here’s a compiled list of what I’ve found. I do own a couple of board listed (e.g. 3x Leopold FC980M) and most are modified extensively.

Type of compact full-size/1800:


Name Specs Cost (USD) Comment
IQUINIX F97 wireless, hot-swap $250 Wireless 2.4Gz or Bluetooth 5.0, Costar stab
IQUINIX F96 wireless, hot-swap $200-250 Bluetooth 4.0, Costar stab
Keychron K4 entry-budget, wireless, per key RGB, hot-swap $70-90 Bluetooth 5.1 option, Mac toggle
Keychron Q5 QMK, hot-swap, knob (different SKU) TBD Additional F13, F14, Mac toggle
KPRepublic XD96 underglow RGB $130-140 Note: mini usb
Kono Kira hot-swap, underglow RGB $170-260
YMDK Melody96 QMK, hotswap, underglow $140-190 CNC acryllic bottom. Plate option: aluminum or brass
YMDK NYM96 QMK, hot-swap $60-125 Case option: wood or aluminum
Tofu96 QMK, underglow RGB $200
Vortex Tab 90 pre-build, wireless $140 Bluetooth X.0


Name Specs Cost (USD) Comment
Akko MOD003 or MOD004 hot-swap, per key RGB $150-170 Mount: gasket (MOD003), tray mount (MOD004)
Akko 3098 series prebuild, hot-swap, wireless $120-125 prebuild to specific themes, keebtalk thread
Akko ACR98 hot-swap, RGB $110 acryllic case with ASA keycaps
BM980 entry budget, QMK, hot-swap, per key RGB $60-75
DOIO Tank980 QMK, hot-swap, PKRGB $172 Has F13 and OLED
CannonKeys Stacked1800 entry budget, QMK, solderable hotswap $90 Hot-swapable with solderable sockets (purchase sperately), stack acryllic
CannonKeys Rekt1800 QMK, solderable hotswap $320-330 Hot-swapable with solderable sockets (purchase sperately), anodize aluminum
CherryB Works - CB:1800/Zanbato QMK Secondary Market GB MSRP $490
Drop SHIFT QMK, hot-swap, per key RGB, side glow $250 Need a DROP account
Epomaker TH96 Hotswap, QMK wired/bluetooth $150-180
Everglide 98 Hotswap, Bluetooth $300
FL Esport KK220 (FL980) entry budget, wireless (SKU specific) hot-swap, per key RGB $99-130 Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4Ghz
Hineybush HBCP QMK, solderable underglow RGB Secondary Market keebtalk thread
HMKB 95 QMK Secondary Market
KBDFans KBD19X QMK, mini USB €224/Secondary Market
Leopold FC980M pre-build, mini usb $120 Significant after market mod options (e.g. case, pcb, plate, bluetooth). keebtalk thread
LeopoldFC980C pre-build, Topre (45g), mini usb $260 Significant after market mod options (e.g. case, pcb, plate, bluetooth)
NT980 entry budget, hot-swap, per key RGB $60-80 Easily found on aliexpress
TheKeyCompany TKC1800 QMK, Alps compatible $130-150 Parts: drop in PCB ($70), Plate ($50-55) for G80/81-1800
TX-1800 QMK Secondary Market
TX-CP QMK Secondary Market
Velocifire kk98 QMK, hot-swap, integrated plate $208-219 keebtalk thread
WindStudio WindX 98 QMK, hot-swap, bluetooth optional $320/$350
Zambumon SAR QMK, hot-swap TBD WKL-layout, 4.75mm plate


Name Specs Cost (USD) Comment
980Mini QMK, solder/hot-swap $75-79 3x5 numpad
Akko ACR98 Mini hot-swap $110 acryllic case with ASA keycaps, 3x5 numpad
Alchemist Keyboard Petrichor QMK Secondary Market Based on WestFoxTrot Cypher PCB design
Alf AL1 TMK Secondary Market WKL Blocker option
CannonKey Balance QMK Secondary Market Designed by Upas
Block boy AC980 mini QMK, hot-swap $85 Standard numpad
Burnosan Phidias TBD IC Tadpole & pin mount; 1x3 nav cluster
DriftMechanics Clara QMK IC FRL version of the Austin, 2u zero, 10u spacebar
DOIO Retro83 QMK, hot-swap, PKRGB $156
Duck Blackbird QMK, RGB underglow Secondary Market FRL-1800
Hineybush IBIS TBD IC 1x2 nav cluster
Jaeyou Jiot QMK, ISO compatible IC Ibis inspired
Qoda Studio Dharma TBD IC
Troublemaker TBD IC
Yiancar Barleycorn QMK, DIY Kit, plateless $115 Through hole solder kit
Yicancar P3D Barleycorn SMD QMK $150 (case), $40 (SMD PCB) Customizable stack acrylic case
WestFoxTrot Cypher FRL-1800 QMK Secondary Market PCB design on GitHub
Wind Studio WindX QMK, hot-swap/solder $298

Southpaw 1800

Name Specs Cost (USD) Comment
Aeboard Aegis QMK Secondary Market Southpaw numpad
Bisoromi [SPV1] (SPV1 Keyboard – CannonKeys) QMK GB $420 WKL
BlindAssassin SP-111 QMK GB $460 Split south-paw
Mystic Works Wvyern QMK Secondary Market
Monokei x Thesiscamper - Hidari QMK Secondary Market Southpaw FRL-1800 with southpaw arrow
Wind Studio WindX SP QMK, hot-swap/solder GB ETA $300


Name Specs Cost (USD) Comment
DriftMechanics Austin QMK Secondary Market Almost 100%
Duck Jetfire QMK Secondary Market Almost 100%
Hymm Typebox QMK, encoder support IC 10 left macro keys, 40 degree tilt F-row
Hex.6C QMK Secondary Market Fullsize SP (not 1800)
KBDFans Odin QMK, hotswap/solder $320 Almost 100% layout
RNDKBD x Pylon Boston QMK, encoder support $155 Massive 120% layout, 3DP Kit
Zepsody 618 QMK IC 10 left macro keys

Let me know I’m missing anything. I’ll try my best to keep this updated.


1800s for everyone!

Great work, Tin. Do you think it’s worth including g80-1800 style 1800 layouts, too? :grin:

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I forgot to add it when I first made this list.

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Do you want to include premium customs as well? As an example: Hineybush HBCP

I could probably contribute a few more off the top of my head, so just curious.

1800 gang!

You could add the Kono Kira to the 96 key, the Barleycorn is technically an minus F-row. There’s also things like the very rare Austin that KBDFans ripped off with the Odin and Zambumon’s Sar.

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I definitely can. I’ll have to mark those as secondary market as the GB is long over.

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To add a few more:

  • TKC1800
  • TX-1800
  • Cypher 1800
  • aeboards Aegis

Added those bad boys!

HMKB 95 should be on the list.

And Duck Jetfire.

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Kbdfans’ KBD19X

Why does it say KBDFans by the TKC1800? FYI, the TKC1800 is solder in only.

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Do you recall the specs on it by any chance? I can’t find that page on their site any more. :frowning: I just remembered it was usb mini and maybe hotswap?

Duck Blackbird and petrichor by alchemist keyboards.

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Since we’re doing this. It’s gonna become a “catch 'em all” situation for tinster if we’re not careful :grin:

Alf AL1 FRL-1800

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I was going to add the Wind X. This list is growing fast lol.

what i really want to know–

which one of the aliexpress ones fit stock leopold housings + vice versa where leo internals fit them? i’ve been trying to get the 980M Parrot PD/OE case. Some of these budget 1800s have a similar yellow case (Akko 3098 comes to mind) that I want to cop and eventually put a 980C in.

It’s soldered only + mini USB :smiley:

That’s pretty hard to say the pcb/plate compatibly between other manufacturers (akko/FL980) and the Leopold. So YMMV if you’re lucky. I just assume that’s not compatible unless someone have confirmed it. There’s a separate post that discussed QMK PCB and plate options for Leopold stock case.

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Great list. I hope you’ll continue to add new ones as they’re discovered. Especially the southpaw ones.

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HEX 6C, Southpaw75, WITF as well.