40% KEEBS Discord Server - A place to discuss and share our passion for sub-60% keyboards

Hello!! Happy New Year to everyone!! I’ll keep this short. I have for a while wanted there to be a place for the subset of the keyboard community that uses/loves sub-60% keyboards (50’s, 40’s, macropads, etc.) to discuss and share our passions. After bouncing the idea around, I have decided to start a Discord server (https://discord.gg/HydeZT2) to do just that. This, by no means, is not an attempt to pull people away from the other avenues of keyboard discussion (Reddit, Instagram, KeebTalk, other Discords, etc.), but rather to give our “niche in a niche” hobby and it’s enthusiasts a place to come together. Please consider stopping by and tell me what you think. Thanks!!


Thanks for the link. Added that fine discord to my list :smiley:

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