4u spacebar and plate-mounted stabilizer?

Anyone have suggestions for where to get a 4u spacebar? Clueboard seems to have some, are there other options that people know of?

I’d also be interested in suggestions for stabilization… The plan is to cut a custom plate and mount everything to that, so I have some design flexibility. No PCB though.

They have a couple colors. For stabilization you will have to bend the wire on your own. I don’t know of any premade wire in that size.


Nice, I didn’t realize PMK sold 4u bars.

So for the stabilizer, is that just a matter of getting a smaller size and swapping out the wire? Nothing else required?


For whatever reason, there’s also a standalone 4u SA spacebar on PMK (and it’s cheaper):

All the options seem to be ABS unfortunately, PBT would have been nice.

2x 2u might be easier