A way to tweak BootmapperClient

I recently bought a (controller) board from taobao, which could be programmed with BootmapperClient.

I wonder if there is anyways I can tweak the BootmapperClient to support a rotary encoder.

I heard QMK has an unoffical support for ps2avrGB but I’m not sure this particular board is supported.

Can anyone advise me on this? :smile:

You are gonna need to port the board to QMK. What board is it?

it’s this board: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=548316293212

on the MCU read: “ATMega32A” so I’m not sure if QMK would work on it, I only see atmega32u4, atmega32u2 mentioned in QMK’s doc :thinking: