Another German signed up

Aloha guys.

I’m the lazy Doc (have the same user name on reddit & GH) and like Kimchi way more than Kraut :rofl:

I like expensive tech stuff (who doesn’t :grin: ), italian bikes & do start more keyboard projects than i finish hahaha. (and only in ISO DE)

I hope that we can build a community that matches or exceeds that on GH. (no hard feelings)


good to see you here man :slight_smile:

Welcome doc!

When you say Italian bikes… we talking Ducati/Bimota/Aprilia or we talking Bianchi/Colnago/Pinarello? Italians can make some great bikes (motorized or not) that have a lot of character.

hey fellow ISO-DE user!

so many ISO people :slight_smile:

But a Bianchi is on the horizon & I’m in still contemplating whether to buy a new Tuono Factory, a Thruxton R or a Ducati Sport Classic for a nice mod.