Any reason 60g springs are less popular?

I’ve noticed after binge watching all the linear typing test videos I possibly can weights such as 55g, 58g, 62g, 65g and 67g are the most popular with 58g and 62g being the most common so is there any reason in particular why 60g is so unpopular?

Maybe everyone just prefers the other weights, maybe people don’t like whole numbers, maybe only sprit sells 60g springs and people don’t want to support him, maybe it’s because most mainstream switches use 60g springs and people just wanna be hipsters.

I don’t know if there is a specific reason people avoid them, just looking for a little insight since I’m considering using them. I get everyone has different preferences at the end of the day but there’s literally no one using them that I know of making me think people are avoiding them for a specific reason.

Looking into sprits 60g springs specifically instead of just spring swapping with something like reds since the ones he sells have a slow resistance curve like gat yellows giving them an actuation of 50g instead of the usual 45g making actuating them accidentally a little less common.

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I don’t know of a way to pick out springs other than buy some and try them out. I find that spring weightings are a bit of a ballpark figure when it comes to the actual feel of it once they’re in a switch.


you’re probably onto something with the “60g is mainstream” since cherry reds, browns and blues all use 60g springs. i think the non-60g spring switches fall into the categories of “premium” switches that are using the zealio weightings (for whatever reason that may be) and heavier switches that use significantly more like most of the black switches on the market.

Yeah seems like a bit of a meme that people avoid certain springs because they might be too mainstream. The 60g springs I’m looking into have a higher actuation than the mainstream 60g springs though.

It all comes down to testing them for yourself at the end of the day you’re right. I’ve purchased some samples of 5 for each of these weightings 55g, 58g, 60g and 62g, I also have gat yellow and 68g springs. Only problem with that is it won’t accurately represent what a whole build of those weights would feel like but at least it’s something.