Anyone else like halo clears, or am I boring?

Halo clears, stock. Even better with 3204 on everything. I find them more satisfying than holy switch mods. Dunno. I guess I’m just boring.

Anyone else?

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Not just you. Halo Clears are one of my favorite switches.


Your choice of switch doesn’t define you. Use what you like. :slight_smile:


Unless your preferred switch is cherry brown :wink:

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Damn, I kind of like Cherry Browns :smiley:


Kind of nice hearing about other switches too. Feel like the “holy-everything” trend has taken over to where it’s refreshing to see/hear about other switches.

I prefer stock Halo Trues to the holy mods I’ve tried. It’s just a really unique switch.

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I love my Halo Clears on my KBD67!
Holy xxxx are nice, but too much damn work. And Massdrop is charging a pretty penny for theirs with a really bad lube job. Spent 6 hours yesterday wiping, soaking, shaking, and “ultra-sonicing” the lube off and re-lubing.
Yup, like my Halo Clears just fine!

I haven’t really used halo trues, but I have a board of hako trues (which I think are similar?) that I really quite like