Anyone familiar with TX Pad on mekibo

I’ve only been able to find some photos from txkeyboards website and the RGB looks amazing together with other keyboards from TX. But don’t know anything else beyond that. Overall I find close to zero review on YouTube for things from TX.

For this specific numpad, it’s currently listed at $220 for the E-white one and $200 for other colors. It’s not cheap for a numpad for sure. I currently have a KBDPad MKII which is cheap but hollow. Wonder how much improvement I could expect from this TX Pad. Thanks!

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If the hollow sound of the KBDpad is what bothers you, some foam under the PCB will take care of it. The TX Pad should sound less hollow, but that price & the fact it comes with a SUO PCB turns me right off on it.

Anything wrong with the SUO PCB? I’ve never heard of this PCB maker before.

They’re not VIA or QMK compatible, you have to use TX’s tool which doesn’t allow for many of the things QMK does. Also the reliability is still unknown as TX hasn’t been using them for too long yet. They are an upgrade from the Leeku PCBs they used to use.

Good to know! This is definitely a no-go for me. Thanks for the info!

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I’ve used a few suo PCBs and it’s okay for what I need.