Apple Adjustable Keyboard


I’m sure I’m not the only person who came into this hobby remembering the great keyboards I used earlier in life. My fondest keyboard memories are of the Apple Adjustable Keyboard that got me through college. I’m noticing that you can still sometimes find these keyboards. I know you can use an ADB to USB converter to connect older keyboards to modern Macs, but is there a way to truly bring the Apple Adjustable or other old Apple keyboard into the modern era, with QMK or other robust programming support? Thanks for reading, and for any insight.




The best way to possibly bring it to the mainstream era could be using the ADB to USB converter, and then use Hasu’s USB to USB converter with would allow you to program it with TMK. I think it depends on how the ADB to USB converter works in translating the keycodes out :thinking:


Thank you for responding. I will take a look into your suggestions. I have such fond memories of using this keyboard with my old Centris 610. I could be a neat project to bring it up to currency. I’ll post here if I take it on/make progress.


I would head over to Deskthority & search up converting ADB boards to USB. You’ll most likely find a bunch of different ways as those guys are all about vintage boards & keeping them as stock as possible when converting them to USB. Also I’m fairly sure Griffin’s iMate ADB to USB convertor will play nice with a Hasu USB to USB converter, although I don’t have a Hasu converter to test that & find out for sure. So I’d do some searching to see if it will before grabbing one, as Griffin quit making them & their aftermarket value is going through the roof lately.


Thanks for the good information. It looks like there may be a way to do this cleanly, although I have some reading/learning to do. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


Deskthority is your best place for all things vintage. So just head over there and you’ll find plenty of info and very knowledgeable people (who are not here). Good luck!


TMK has an ADB to USB converter, I’ve flashed it onto a Teensy Pro Micro and used it. Should work great here. You can always rip the original controller out and replace it.

Otherwise it’s an unexciting regular ADB keyboard.