Artisan Design Feedback - Space Keycaps

I’m practising my SLA (lasers) 3D printing with making a space themed keycap series.

What do people look for in their artisan keycaps? I kept most of my designs simple (low poly), but detailed enough so at least some of them warrant a closer look.

The only things missing are a rocket keycap, which I’m still brainstorming. I may also do a retro art deco style space helmet if I can come up with a good design (something inspired by The Rocketeer).

Any tips on space designs you would like to see would be appreciated (asteroid belts, shooting stars, lunar buggy).

The cross ringed planet and non-tilted ringed planet don’t print as well and require supports (which can be ugly), so those will probably be discontinued designs. I noticed a ring on one of the prints broke, so the ring thickness may change with future prints to prevent that.

Also, the keycaps aren’t quite as tall as SA, do people prefer a medium height Artisan or should they match SA keycap heights?

Design reviews are below each picture:

From left to right:

  1. Ring Planet (needs supports on the topside of the keycap to print, so probably discontinue)

  2. Small planet (a tiny sphere)

  3. Moon or asteroid (sphere with craters)

  4. Lunar Base (has a door, storage tanks, and a nice round window on top of the structure),

  5. Splashdown Capsule (tilted slightly, has a small door and two small round windows),

  6. Tilted Ringed Planet (this tilt prints without supports on the topside of the keycap, so it is a preferred design)

  7. Lunar Lander (has some tiny round windows, small door, tanks on the sides, four legs - tilted back slightly, the dome on top is lower poly to give it some nicer facets that the smoother higher res planets are lacking)

  8. Cross Ringed Planet (the trickiest to print, needs several supports on the top of the keycap, so probably discontinue).

The are more angles of the above keycaps.

GMK Esc key, DSA Esc key, SA Esc key along with three angles of the same lunar lander keycap

These are my favorites pictured above and will make the core set.

I may need to make the tilted ring thicker on the ringed planet and perhaps a little wider. I’m undecided if any plain sphere planets, large or small, should come with the set. I do want to add a rocket to complement the lander, base, and splashdown capsule. If I can polish my design skills, a lunar buggy may be in the cards as well.