[Artisan] InosKey V2 artisan keycap

  • Epoxy resin cast

  • MX stem; each cap is fit tested

  • Each cap may have slight cosmetic imperfections and a bit of variation from each other, and from what is shown in the promo photos

Imgur 1

Imgur 2


Price 40 USD

Product link InosKey Artisan Keycap V2 – Vkeycaps

Shipping International

10-20 days - 6 USD

Keycaps will be shipped from Ukraine :ukraine:. Yes, I am able to send parcels during the war. It will take a couple of days longer than it used to be (Odesa - Warsaw - World, instead of Odesa - Kyiv - World).

Payment methods- PayPal, Coinbase (BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DAI, USDC)

Website: https://vkeycaps.art
Instagram: Login β€’ Instagram
Discord: Vkeycaps

All orders will be shipped within 7 days. Current stock is limited.

UPD 17.03.22: Payment method and shipping