Hey guys anyone else here have a barleycorn?

I purchased it since I need something with a numblock. I will use switches from my old gaming boards that I will desolder.

I never soldered extra parts though like the barleycorn needs.

If anyone has it too, was it easy to build? What is things to look out for.

I built a gingham last year and I can only advise you to be careful with all the parts and get a non-clean flux pen for the USB-C port, because the pins are really small. Also tape the USB-C port to the board so you can’t bend the pins accidentally. The diodes all are pretty easy to solder, but maybe watch a video where someone builds one as well, so you can go step by step with the streamer.
Apiary will be building one on Wednesday.

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Thank you so much. I will watch apiary and follow your ideas
I thought about pretinning and setting the tin drop on the tiny ones like when you to a plug

What is barleycorn? is that a keyboard? it sounds like a $10 scone I would get at the farmers market


I am proper scared now. :sweat_smile:

If you solder some of the diodes you should have an idea how the soldering works and then just be really careful with the usb. Solder it like normal but try not to bridge the pins, if they are bridged you can divide them with the iron again.

I wouldn’t worry to much, just take @Proelio’s advice & get some flux for doing the USB port. Also look up a guide on drag soldering, since that is the technique you want to use. It is very easy, you basically lay a blob of flux on the pins & pad then drag the iron across them while adding solder. The flux will keep the solder from making bridges between pins.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Oh man, I got a good laugh out of that statement! Seriously though it is a keyboard. It’s on of those exposed diode builds in an 1800 layout. Novelkeys sold them, but I think they are OOS now.

Still in stock and the P3D store carries a case for it too, but it is not my favorite layout.

1 Like has them for the eu. Btw I stopped that project for the time being since I don’t have the right solder tips nor any magnifying (my eyesight isn’t too good) right now. I want to watch apiary and other videos first. A friend from work said he’d check if he still has some solder exercise boards. Once I am sure I won’t f Up i’ll think of doing it.
I can solder but my hands aren’t really calm.

But thanks for showing me apriary