Bauer - WKL 65% board

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Neat, but there is no info on pricing or availability (as of the time of this post).

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They’ve had that preview up for a while now; I had a tab open to try and see if there were any new updates on the product but doesn’t look like we’ll be saying any for a little while due to their other projects.

Since a couple of people have asked, for the record: I am not involved in this project, name and color notwithstanding. I do like Dixiemech, however, and it looks like it’ll be a cool project.


First time I’ve ever seen a 0.75u blocker.


I’ve also spoken to Garrett and he said the Bauer will be approximately $400-450 USD. I figure this is due to the fact that it will come cerakoted, which is usually about $50 USD plus shipping to a body shop that does it.

Looks like August 15th is the first-come-first-serve day… anyone going for this?

I’m going to try to check out with the brass kit- fingers crossed.

Here are the details for the launch

Another Vickrey auction. How dare they. /s

Hoping this sale goes well!


Wow only 50 units. That’s gonna be scarce.

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I don’t want WKL board. There are so many 65% boards with Command key.

One of the best sounding boards imo.

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Absolutely incredible. Seriously… August 15th can’t come soon enough. I have 4 devices standing buy ready to try to get 1/50 of these things in brass.

So who’s holding out on buying keyboard things to try to get in it to win it? :joy:

If a few things hadn’t already gone my way this month, I’d be down to try my best to grab a spot but alas other keyboard things happened.

:pray: Best of luck to y’all; the board looks and sounds lovely


I’m torn on it. I love everything about this board, but have had a few things go my way in the KB world & few things go fairly bad irl in the past few weeks. So I might not have the funds available & even if I do I might be better off passing on this one. Thankfully I got in on a E6.5 which should be shipping soon here, so knowing I got that on it’s way sooner than later helps control my “must have” impulse for now LOL!

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