Bauer - WKL 65% board

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Neat, but there is no info on pricing or availability (as of the time of this post).

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They’ve had that preview up for a while now; I had a tab open to try and see if there were any new updates on the product but doesn’t look like we’ll be saying any for a little while due to their other projects.

Since a couple of people have asked, for the record: I am not involved in this project, name and color notwithstanding. I do like Dixiemech, however, and it looks like it’ll be a cool project.


First time I’ve ever seen a 0.75u blocker.


I’ve also spoken to Garrett and he said the Bauer will be approximately $400-450 USD. I figure this is due to the fact that it will come cerakoted, which is usually about $50 USD plus shipping to a body shop that does it.