Best way to lube Zealio V1 Redux?

I have experience lubing Ergo Clears and switches like them, but I’m not having the best results with Zealio V1 Redux.

I can get a bassier sound by using 3204 or 205g0, but operation is still a little jerky. And I might be getting some suction noises from the stem pole in the base.

I’m using the 62 G version, and lubing the springs with spring lube.

Are there sections to apply lube, and sections to ignore in these switches? I can get the ‘raindrop’ sound, but operation is a little inconsistent. So I’d appreciate any best practices for getting these switches to sound and feel consistent. Probably using 205g0 as it is on-hand right now.


Have you tried only lubing the housing? Use 205g0 on the base (around the pole slider hole where the stem makes contact) and top of the housing for improving the sound.

I haven’t tried it, but I’ve done similar on penguine switches.

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Sometimes I think I’m going real light on the 3204 and it still comes out sluggish. They’re so smooth already, you really only need 3203. You could lube nothing but the spring, the top-out spot in the top housing, and the bottom out spot on the stem and get 90% of the benefit to the sound as you would lubing the entire thing. I would dab some thick grease on the back of the leaf to reduce vibrations just in case there is ping, you don’t want any switches to stand out.

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How I did my redux after some testing:

  1. replacing the springs because I found them to be terribly pingy even after lubing, then just oil or donut dip
  2. lube behind leaf as leaf ping was loud and noticeable even after lubing stem and front of leaf
  3. bag lubed stems in 107. I found that the oil is my preference for these to make them smoother but not slow them down too much, even though the sound isn’t as deep as it would be with something like 3204 - clacky nylon housings are great as-is

edit: I did not touch the housings at all and didn’t feel like I missed anything by doing that with the stem thoroughly lubed. If I wanted to deepen top-out sound, I’d throw a little 3204 or 205g0 on the top housing.

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Thanks, Everyone. It looks as if these switches really are a little different. So I will investigate these options.

@smshark, could you tell me what replacement springs you find to work?

Did you lube in the stem well on the bottom housing? I’ve come to learn to avoid lubing there because the results are so hit & miss even when you’re trying to be as consistent as possible. It sounds like that could be the whole issue in itself TBH. If there is too much lube in the stem well causing suction, not only would that cause “stems farts” but it could also impact the return of the stem. A little jerky sounds like a good description as to what an overlubed stem well will do IME. Maybe these V1 reduxs are super sensitive to any lube in that area?


I happened to have some 63.5g gateron yellow springs around so I used those, pretty safe/neutral spring given the tactility

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Maybe I will try Durock 63.5

Some of the test switches had lube in the stem-well area, and that didn’t help.

Others were under-lubed. I have tried lubed 60 G TX and 68 G Progressive Spirit springs, and I would say they work okay, especially the latter. Work better than you’d expect.

63.5 G Durock feels nice, a little poppy, they definitely would need to be lubed as the unlubed are worse than stock.

I’m not accustomed to lubing near the leaf area, as that’s very sensitive, so I’ll have to get used to the specifics of this switch. I think it’s going to require some research before they are ready.