Boardsource PCB Quality

Just got finished soldering two Reviung41s last night. Everything went smoothly except until I flashed one with ZMK and tested it, to find out that column 3 was dead. I did some continuity testing and discovered that the trace that lead from the COL3 terminal to the switch terminals was broken somewhere near the start.

I had to wire a jumper because it was like 2am and wanted to finish it instead of trying to deal with customer service. Which got it to work.

So I was just wondering if anyone else as encountered issues with Boardsource PCBs or if this is a rare occurrence.

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I don’t remember the details but I had an issue with my order where several months went by and and I never got a shipping notice. I did end up reaching out to them and they resolve the situation by shipping my order the following day. Unfortunately, when I got my order, it was clear that the oled covers were not new. It looked as though they were scraped with sandpaper. Either way, I didn’t bother contacting them about it since the oled covers were only 4 dollars :stuck_out_tongue: