CA66 Review


Don’t mind the blank few minutes at the end. It’s currently being trimmed out. I hope y’all enjoy.


At last!


Been waiting months for this! Excited to see it when I get home.


A review of an enthusiast keyboard for the enthusiast. I like the long format. Maybe some timestamps for the less enthused so they can skip to the specs? Just a suggestion since even though I know I’ll watch the whole thing, some people will not. Great job, Huey


Time stamps are a pretty good idea; It should be easy enough for me to at least add time stamps to the description/comments for each chapter


Love the review!

I hope you do more reviews like this later on. Really enjoyed the length and the metaphors you use.

Idea: you should write haikus for the ends of your videos. I think it would kinda suit the vibe of them in a weird way.