Cherry G81-3000 with MX-switches (not MY)


I just got myself a (as good as new) Cherry G81-3000HAN with double-shot caps, a lucky grab anyway.
The board has not arrived yet, but I am already wondering about something.

I know of course that G81 usually means MY-switches, and that I can only use the 1U-caps for other purposes.
But I have seen some G81-3000 with MX-switches as well. Like this one here for example:

old ebay link to a G81-3000

Now I am of course wondering if anyone knows more about when (and why?) some G81-3000 actually have MX-switches?

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If it says G81 then from the factory it came with MY switches. The link you provided leads to a dead end, but if I had to guess that was a G81 case with G80 internals put in it. Also nice grab on the G81 with doubleshots you found!

Strange, the link works fine here…

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My bad I didn’t scroll down, I just saw it said bidding had ended at the top of the page LOL, I still stand by what I said though. That has to be G80 guts in a G81 case.

Yes, seems so.
The FCCID from the ebay link says: GDD5YOG80-3000, while the article number says G81-3000HAD.

On the keyboard I just bought both the FCCID and the article number say: G81-3000.
So I am pretty sure it’s MY-switches, as I thought from the start.
I was (and still are) curious, since there seems to be some inconsistency with some of Cherry’s production runs.

We’ll see what it is in the end.
In any case I got myself some nice Norwegian OG double shot alphas.

I read a little more on the G81-series, things I didn’t know before.
The board I got is winkeyless and is from 1989 as far as I can tell.
The information I found claims that the old G81 are even using typical Cherry stabilizers, and that all their keys fit MX-type boards and layouts.

If that’s true I am a really happy keeb-nerd :sunglasses:

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The keyboard just arrived by post, and I am a really happy keeb-nerd :+1:

A complete set of nice Cherry OG double-shot caps without the horrible proprietary stabilizers.

Now I just need to decide what to do with them…

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