Cherry retooled stabilizers?

Hey all

I’ve been hearing recently about how cherry (edit: gmk) has updated their tooling for stabilizers and that they’re now not as good as before. But I haven’t found too much discussion about it so I’m wondering about the details. How much worse are they? What about them is worse? Scratchier, more rattle, etc?

I have a new build on the horizon, and I’m not sure what stabs to get if cherry’s(edit: gmk’s) actually are lower quality now. I’m not interested in paying zeal tax, I heard good things about epbt’s stabs, but I can’t seem to find them for sale anywhere.

I also have this same question.

Afaik, durock has been making some clones here.

There’s a typing test on a proto Bocc with these stabilizers here.

It’s in the comments but here’s what he (the person who’s used it) says about them :

its pretty similar to zeal’s, pre-clipped, transparent and relatively easy to pop out the wire - it happened once but I didn’t test it further as I wouldn’t want to risk popping it out and reassmeble my board again. Both of the stabs are not 100% structurally identical, but I personally think that it doesn’t really make a difference in term of typing experience.

I’d say this is a solid product, for its price

I think whoever is saying that Cherry retooled their stabilizers is just blowing smoke. AFAIK GMK produces the genuine Cherry stabilizers so Cherry can’t re-tool something they no longer make.

Sorry I misspoke. My brain shorted and I typed cherry rather than gmk.

I’m trying to find the build streams I thought I heard it mentioned on, but I’m not sure which one (nathan? jae? tyson? I watch a lot lol). If I’m able to find it again I’ll post a link here :+1:

Hopefully it was just someone blowing smoke though as you say :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure it is, although if you heard it from someone that reputable in the community it might not be. I did some searching when I first saw your post & couldn’t find anything about GMK retooling them so hopeful you maybe misheard something on a stream? I’d be really bummed if GMK stabs became noticeably worse since I use the screw in variants exclusively & do not think Zeal stabs are even close to worth the money (I love his switches, but the stabs I’ll pass on, they’re more flash than cash IME).

We need more info on those Gateron stabilzers that were selling with the new GK64 boards, darnit. Are they selling them anywhere? Do they make more than plate mounted stabilizers? Answers. I need answers.

Oh, and RAMA stabilizers should be here soon, right? There is hope still. right? guys?

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Has indeed been a tooling change for GMK’s screw-in stabs. From the TopClack discord:

IIRC it’s also mentioned somewhere that the 7u wires are slightly different length/size now and that’s causing some issues as well.


Thanks for the heads up @donutcat! On paper they all look like changes for the best, but I wonder if the tighter tolerances are causing them to feel scratchier than old design? I also wonder if the changes cut down on rattle?

Not to bring up a an old post again but does any one have an idea of when gmk will retool their already retooled stabs?

Probably not for a while unless something is seriously wrong with them. Why do you ask?

well i mean they are pretty bad as right now. Heard rumors of 2020 retooling but was wondering if there has been any new info

From what I’ve heard on streams lately, GMK is aware of the issue and I believe the current estimate for a fix is Q1 2020 :slight_smile:

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I knew about this being a rumor, but had no idea it was actually true. Damn. But its a good thing that I am not in the market for any stabs until the tail end of Q1 2020 so im not complaining. Good to hear otherwise!