CNC machining shop-MOQ is 1 piece

My name is Alva, and I represent Guangzhou Gaojie Model Design and Manufacturing Co.Ltd,services we do include CNC machining,3D printing and vacuum casting,laser cutting,laser engraving.

Material:Alu,brass,SS,copper,ABS,polycarb,acrylic,POM,carbon fiber etc.
Finishes:Anodizing,e-coating,Mirror polish,sandblasting,PVD coating,clear coating etc
MOQ:1 piece
Format:step format

No stock,we manufacture based on your design,there are some open source files available,such as Kyuu,Bakeneko,Alice($80 to $400,approx price range),we don’t offer PCB btw.
Free to DM me at Discord,my username is Alva-Gaojie Manufacturing#8203


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thanks,I noticed it

I’ve found this site using Google, is it from your company? Also found on Alibaba:

I may be interested on using the services of your company, I need a copper piece with electroless nickel plating, but the site above doesn’t mention plating as an option. Would it be possible to do that?

yes,it’s our company,plating copper is possible,free to dm on discord