CRP C64 GB on Nov 11th

I don’t think we’ve had a post here about these. Too bad they’re running on Dorp for NA. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this set.


I love CRP so much, but for a set that isn’t just new styles of cherry dyesubs I feel that this is a misstep for me. I love the commodore, and the caps on it are cool, but for CRP to go for this over almost anything else is a bit of a disappointment.

Now, if this means that some other CRP caps with different legends will be coming out, then I would be 100% down for them and adding to the market, especially if that means more actually high end PBT to combat the GMK glut.

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CRP is really great but the font is a turnoff for me

I like the desk mats and the resin caps. I really like the color of the caps. I’m not a big fan of the legends. If these were a good price I would buy them… say big kit less than $100 in all. But I’m not sure I’d pay more than that.

From the IC post it appears that Hammerworks approached Buger to design a set, which seems incuraging for future third party custom designs. And these being dyesubbed, I wouldn’t worry about the font becoming a standard or anything since no molds had to be made. That being said, and it could just be me, but I find the legends quite charming – not as a new standard but as a fun one-off (like a cool concept album from your favorite band). Plus the IC mentioned that the side legends will use “engraving and color”. I’m not sure if that’s by laser or mechanical means, and I’m assuming some kind of infill. I think a huge draw for me is trying out CRP without having to bear with the OG modifier colors which I have never liked from any brand (alphas are great, I just don’t like the brown tint in the gray). I’m with Pixel though, the price will have to be right, and I’ll have to see what’s left over this month after snatching up most kits from the R2 of Yuri.

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It would be awesome if CRP started taking on more projects for the community. Maybe this is a sign that they’re moving in the right direction.

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Ooh, this looks pretty good

Yes I know for sure that I would love to see this happen, and I know the community needs it as well

<looks at the photo, looks at the actual C64 three feet to my left>

Nope, I don’t see anything remotely C64-like about this - what am I missing?


Have you tried squinting while looking at the set through a window with blinds behind a tree?


Oh - yeah, that did the trick - thanks. :wink:

Well, maybe if you ignored the profile, color, and legends it would come into focus? It seems all of the inspiration comes from the case itself.

It doesn’t seem that this set is hitting a good price point. This is from the Korean GB since the Dorp one hasn’t posted so I’m assuming that the pricing will be similar. For a very sparse “base set” consisting of the 80’s kit and the plain alphas, its $95, but if you want the C64 alphas that bumps up to $120. And if you add the modifiers kit which I would consider basic compatibility, you’re out another $25. I don’t see myself spending $145 for this (not even including the split spacebars that I’d want).

I agree that I don’t like the alphas or mods at all, and it doesn’t remotely scream C64.

That said… I love the artisans though.

I want those, alone, so bad. Too bad it’s not yet on Dorp, I can’t find a site or discord for Hammerworks, and the (korean?) Monstar site says you can’t order the artisans alone.

Yes, I have to agree, the artisans are very cool. The rest of it does bring something from that era to mind - I can’t quite place what - but it’s certainly not the C64.

Sadly, the rest of the set looks awful and nothing like anything Commodore.
Also, What The Font?

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Anyone else not seeing this set on Drop?

It’s hasn’t hit yet. At this point, I’m not sure it will. Buger’s last GB on Dorp is past the delivery date and he is a ghost – I wonder if their working relationship is strained at the moment. Pure speculation on my part.

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Monstargears has an in stock drop of the BBox C64 and keycaps while supplies last, if anyone’s interested. They got me for $21.00 in S/H to the CONUS. My procrastinating nature is getting expensive. :man_facepalming:

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Did you order the BBox case? In my experience with the black one the extra standoffs inside the case will short a PCB. You will need to insulate any unused stand offs.

I ordered the caps. Part of me is happy, but the other wises you hadn’t posted so I could save myself the money :smiley:

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