Custom ISO TKL Keyboard

Hey guys,

first excuse my english, I am from germany.

I am searching parts for a tkl custom keyboard. I want a iso hotswap pcb, because I love gaming with red/silver switches, but I hate them while coding. So first I want to try with red switches in the gaming area (wasd and shift) and rest kailh box jade switches.

If this solution dont satisfies me, I will change the switches to the better switch for its situation. Sidequestion: Do hot swap sockets lose stability, if I change the switches every day?

Keyboardcase should be high profile, i dont care abs or aluminium, but it should be build in good quality.

Next question is the choose of stabilizers. Are there any differences in quality and type?

Maybe you have some more points, which I should note.

I appreciate every kind of help.

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Yes, if you will be changing switches every day then sockets will wear out and no more hold the switch, or will become really loose. Most of people screw in stabilizers because as name tells these are secured to pcb with screw, Generally Durock = Everglide stabilizers and I think those are best for the money.

Thanks, do you have another solution for a hot swappable pcb with better stability overall?

Well, any hot swap sockets will wear out, probably none will last more than 2 months of daily swapping.

Two keyboards :wink: seriously though hot swaps are also not that easy to swap, you need a switch puller and it’s like a whole thing so doing it every day would be a big pain in the butt in addition to wearing out the sockets.

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As dwarflemur pointed out, it’s actually better to have 2 boards.
Have something like a clicky TKL to code on (dunno why that seems so perfectly fitting to me) and others of your preference on a smaller form factor board to game on. Even

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How about a Wooting? The optical switches don’t have metal pins, so you should be able to hotswap many more times. And they have ISO-De.

Get a gmmk iso keyboard, available in germany too. Then replace the stock stabilizers with some original ones.
After that, wait for the right group buy and jump in.

Buy now, thank me later.