Custom mice (to match key sets)


Wonder if one of the vendors/manufacturers would step up and launch mouse designs that match popular keycap sets. Or maybe for the GB big names, when they launch key sets, try and collaborate with manufacturers like Ducky for matching mice?

Would really be awesome.


You could sleeve the cabling of your mouse? This guy offers the service.


I’m waiting on DIY Mouse and Trackballs running QMK.

That said, the Logitech G600 uses an ATMega32U2, so it may be possible to reverse engineer the drivers for the optical sensor, and program it to work. But that’s way outside my skill set.


haha that’s a bit too hardcore for me. All I’m after is having more shell options, so we can pick from more colors or themes that match keysets :smiley:


lol, I totally understand that. But … I’m so far deep into QMK, that I occasionally dream about it. :smiley:


maybe design the internals of a mouse that could be the standard for custom mice. then we’d have alu or polycarb custom mice, shaped via CNC.


I haaate the lack of mouse options, so I vinyl wrapped mine. Not the greatest or most fun, but it’s better than running stock for me…