Dante: hello world

New member reporting for duty.

I’ve been into mechanical keyboards since 2010-2011. I was a member of GeekHack and Deskthority for many years as well but ended up banning myself due to irresponsible spending and not quite finding “the one.”

In the last year I’ve found a rubber dome keyboard that very much satisfies me; but the unfortunate fact remains that it’s a full size. I had thought about buying several of these (Dell KB-522) brand new and shipping them out to the switch masters of the community to see if they can replicate the feel as close as possible. This way I can get something closer in a tenkeyless layout.

I’ve only been to three meet-ups. The first was dangwang’s Chicago meet-up back in 2011-2012, quickly followed by Tipo33’s in Gurnee Illinois, and then the first official KeyCon in Chicago. I hold no ill feelings to the members of GH/DT as they were very helpful and kind. I just had to take an extended break to sort my stuff out.

The reason why I’m here are primarily Huey and Quakemz. Unfortunately I don’t have the Internet bandwidth to watch them on Twitch Thursday nights but I religiously watch them the following day on Youtube.

That’s all I really have to write at the moment. I look forward to communicating with some of you!

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welcome dude. dang you’re an OG! one of my favorite boards is a rubber dome as well as well - the logitech k800


Glad you’re still alive.

Whenever the hobby gets to be too much I take a healthy break and reflect on needs vs wants.