Delightful Lego 60% case

Saw this last week while searching Youtube by date. Seems to have flown under the radar. Case made entirely from Lego that manages to have a decent design and rounded edges.

I do wonder how the PCB is held stable though, as judging from another video of theirs there don’t appear to be any standoffs/mounting system.

Maybe there’s a more appropriate category, feel free to move if so :slightly_smiling_face:


@keyboardman was working on something similar quite a while back. Maybe it’s him?

Interestingly a new 60% appeared (discovered via this topic) that has a similar design, the Adam 60% from KBDCraft, available as a kit or the case only.


A ha, you find us! Yes, it’s basically the same idea. We haven’t seen the yellow one before and resolved all issues related to the Lego compatibility. It’s a fairly solid board.

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