Demonstration of how switch tops affect the sound of a switch


I wanted to see how the sound of linear switches would be affected by different housing tops.

I compared 5 switches, all of which have a Cherry retooled linear PCB mount bottom housing and a Revo White spring and linear stem. The only thing I vary is the housing top.

Tops compared:

  • Outemu no slot low-wobble top
  • Gateron milky housing top
  • Invyr Panda top
  • Outemu Sky teal top
  • Gateron clear lens top (has a lens instead of an LED slot or hole)

Without lube

With lube


One more time, this time including Cherry retooled top!


I’m still relatively new to this hobby so I would appreciate if you can give me some feedback. I’m not sure how well this sound comparison will translate to how it will sound typing on an entire keyboard of a particular switch top / bottom combo.

Based on your experience, which do you think sound better, and why?


Nice job with the vid. We need more comparison videos like this since we don’t all have access to the variety of switches that other do and can make an informed decision without the large investment (thank you for your sacrifice, lol). As far as the tops go: after you eliminated that awful un-lubed spring ping, my personal preference is for the Outemu and Gateron SMD tops because of the lower pitch sound they produce.