Did the Red Samurai DC (Dvorak/Colemak) Kit ever run?

I’m a Dvorak user and really like Red Samurai (I also own a Base Kit which I haven’t used since making the switch in late 2018). Recently I sold off a couple of my boards and found my set and I fell in love with it all over again.
I remembered seeing a Dvorak kit in the original IC and upon checking again found the Proposed DC Kit. Sadly I can’t seem to find any evidence of this existing physically.

Does anyone know if it exists, or am I safe to assume it didn’t hit MOQ?

Thanks in advance!

Just remembered to check Matrix’s Github and Confirmed it didn’t hit MOQ :frowning:

As a fellow Dvorak typist, I think any potential for Dvorak/Colemak/dvorcool sets are all gone. There just aren’t enough of us to push MOQ -_-. That’s the reality of things.