Double 9009?

I think most people here are probably aware of the GMK 9009 that Dixie mech is currently running, but it looks like massdrop is also running a set that is PBT XDA. It’s “Everglide” branded, which iirc they recently ran switches for and were found to have very loose stems.

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That… That looks like trash. We already HAD a good PBT 9009.


Oh definitely agreed

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Yeah, look in the comments there: The colors are way off from what we know and value as 9009: E.g. the green is too bright and too cold. IMHO a cheap freeloader on the 9009 hype.


Normally, I wouldn’t say this is deliberate order-sniping of another GB.

But this looks like deliberate order-sniping of another GB.

MassDrop needs to, like, stop yesterday.


This does feel pretty shady being ran alongside GMK 9009 R3, especially when you consider they for whatever reason decided to use Cherry like legend placement on XDA caps? While it may not be, it sure does look & feel like a trap for those who are not super active in the community but love their MKBs.