Doubleshot MT3 Keycaps


Just came across this. MT3 profile with doubleshot legends. And that colorway is great.


I want this.


Really cool. I got my first dev/tty set a week ago and I love it. Looking forward to some double shot caps


Only thing I am worried about is Massdrops commitment to quality and them being in control of creating the new molds.


Good points. The first /dev/tty didn’t go perfectly, but the second round went well (mostly). Of course, that was dye-sub PBT, and this will be an entirely new doubleshot ABS set, so I’m imagining there will be quite a lot of issues even in the final product sold to customers …


With having doubleshot keycaps, hopefully we won’t continue to be plagued with MT3s ‘meh’ dyesubbing. My worry is that the legends may still look a bit funky due to the scaling on the keycaps.


With a nice colourway I am in


I wonder how the scoop of each key will affect/distort the legends when double shot, or are they going to have to make the legends scooped as well. I foress quality issues that if worked out could make an amazing set


ooo this might just push me to get an MT3 set. This is nice.


Hmm. Quality issues are a definite worry. They had the same issues when doing the dye-subbing for MT3. A big part of the delay was working on the dye-subbing process for such scooped keycaps. I imagine working on the molds for the keycaps won’t be easy either, but in theory they should be able to produce more consistent results.

Whether the consistency is a desirable quality is what we all need to worry about.

I still have high hopes about this. I like the sculpt of MT3, I just don’t like the current /dev/tty legends. At least for R1. Not sure if they were fixed for R2.


Doubleshot should technically be easier regardless of the scoop since you aren’t trying to place items on the scooped surface, you are literally injecting plastic to make the item. I am worried about MD’s consistent approached of finding the cheapest way to complete a project instead of the right way.


Legends look pretty damn good for R2 to me :man_shrugging:t3:


I really enjoy the MT3 profile and would definitely get in on this. PBT spacebar would be a good edition.


Agreed, especially the intricate curves of the tengwar :heart_eyes:


I’m happy to hear that; I have some complains about my R1 legends, but fortunately I don’t look down when I type :stuck_out_tongue:


I just wish Massdrop would ship me my /dev/tty already…


The dyesub on my elvin caps are pretty amazing. But it’s kinda hard to judge since they aren’t Latin characters. The lines do look nice as crisp and not fat.


I’d be worried about whether or not the caps would be smooth or textured. Textured ABS shine looks bad unless it’s VERY well worn.


Yeah, to me it’s all about the feels. MT3 is separate from /dev/tty because the profile trumps the legends. I don’t look down ever, couldn’t care less, the print on top of the caps is purely ephemeral and best served for photo shoots, or whatever. I think of switches in much the same way, as in, I don’t care how it is achieved, so long as I’m happy.

I know what I like, and I like this profile. Chances are, if you were to try it, you’d like it too. Blanks, Elven, Russian, what-the-fuck-ever, regular Roman Characters, Klingon. The profile is so great, you should absolutely try it and if you do, you’ll know.

Now that I’ve broached the subject, I kind of want Klingon. But whatever, double-shot ABS is cool. Bring it.

And when I say “you” i mean anyone not you that does not have nor has tried the MT3 profile. It’s really great, as I’m sure you’ll agree.


I wholeheartedly agree. I didn’t expect to enjoy the feel of MT3 as much as I do.

Klingon would be a cool legend set!

I am also a little concerned that ABS might not feel quite as nice on the fingertips as the lovely textured PBT :heart_eyes: I love my SA Godspeed, but I can’t deny the tactile pleasure of /dev/tty’s PBT caps.