Doubleshot MT3 Keycaps


Yeah, I love PBT too, but my son will fight you to the death over the smooth feel of GMK ABS. I’d kill for double-shot PBT/POM MT3, and if this train keeps on rolling, maybe we’ll get it.



I really like the color way of the keycaps but I’m not really feeling the color for alphas/modifier legends, nor the capitalized font of the modifiers. If the modifiers were uppercased, I think it might look better. It would be nice if monochromatic modifiers were offered as well (specifically the ortho kit in my case).

Otherwise, its nice to see another MT3 set, I love my dev/tty :slight_smile:


That actually looks like something I would buy.
I guess I’m gonna have to buy my first hi-pro kit.


That’s false. I’d fight you to the death over the superiority of Signature Plastics smooth SA. GMK is tolerable but needs a TON of use to be as nice to type on as SA.


I can almost see my face in my SA Godspeed set from how smooth and shiny it’s become over this year :sparkles:


Ooof that’s nice . Hopefully matt3o goes with the smart option and plays to the strengths of the material.


I feel like the inevitable conclusion to this conversation is somebody coming in and saying, “So, I lubed my keycaps, and it feels amazing! 3204 works best.”


I smell a r/MK shitpost up for the taking.


You are so texture sensitive. And, also, you keep running away every time I try to show you various pressure points that could help you in bar fights.

ABS is ABS. Wish someone would make a sweet POM set with legends. Total grease. Sweeeeeet


Matt3o just posted an update on the kits and it looks like it’s coming October 1st. Legends are a bit different now and the mods are all uppercased. Personally, I’m definitely in on this set.


I wonder if they can make them the same texture as the PBT caps. I’m extremely in love with my /dev/tty caps on zealios. Add that texture to the top, and it’s heaven on Earth.


I’ve thought about this, but I’m worried about how it will change with wear. But very interested in seeing what solutions Matt3o and the factory come up with.