Drop's now selling Invyr Pandas

Drop X Invyr Novelkeys X Kailh Cream Switches

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Drop X Invyr Pandos
Drop X Invyr Pomdas
Drop X Invyr Pandels

The name game is gonna be tough for these


If this is a reimagining to make it the ideal Panda from years ago, why… have them use the same bottom with no PCB mount pins? Like, that would make them so much better… oh, wait, none of Drop’s keyboards pilfered from Input Club CTRL series boards support them. And you want the perfect Drop Experience!


*Not gaaaahn do it

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I bought a combo pack of 70 + the halos to build out a Preonic.

I have a number of boards with different versions of Panda’s now (Drop, GSUS, Yok Mint and Red) and they all sound amazing. I also have a set of NK Creams I absolutely love both for feel and sound, so I am really hoping that a POM Invyr case will carry over the POM acoustic into the normal sound of the Holy Panda.

I haven’t seen any sound tests on these new guys yet, but re-lubing the Drop panda’s was not too bad, so I don’t worry too much about the re-lube on these either.

I am voting for Invyr POM Pandas for the name for these :slight_smile: