EC11 encoder snap-in skirts

Hey folks!

When I was designing my own keyboard with hotswap support, I wanted to added encoders that were hotswappable. I was able to create a footprint that used mill-max sockets for hot swapping the encoder pins, but the lateral forces that an encoder receives combined with the lack of a plate attachment mechanism resulted in unacceptably wobbly encoders. The encoders on my prototype are especially wobbly after my toddler has had her way with them a few times.

To mitigate this, I designed and printed a snap-in skirt that sits above the encoders and secures them in the plate.

I’ve put the project my github with an MIT license, and if anyone finds them useful (or potentially useful with some changes) for their project, I’d love to hear feedback!

The fusion and step files, as well as the specifications for the plate cut they require, are in this repo:


This is a really cool idea.

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really clever implementation, this just makes rebuilding SAT75’s that much easier :wink: