Effect of plate on tune?

Do different material plates affect tune? What about thickness of plate?



Plate material and thickness can have a big effect on the sound and feel. Generally, thicker will be more firm feeling - and harder materials will give a higher-pitched, sharper sound.

For example;

Switches on a thick brass plate can sound almost like little billiard / pool balls hitting each-other, while the same ones on a thin polycarb plate can sound a bit more like fat raindrops hitting an umbrella.


Any recalls on wheee to buy 60% pc plates?

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Off-hand I don’t remember any vendors that sell PC plates, but a few places including 415keys, LaserBoost, and possibly local sign shops offer the service of custom cutting.

You could get a polycarb sheet and have someone cut it - alternatively I think 415keys stocks POM sheets and will cut them into plates - I used one for a build recently. A little hard to work with because of how soft they are but the sound and flex are awesome.


Looks like Pom plates are scarce rn. Word must’ve gotten out :confused:

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Mekanisk had both pc and pom.
Now i see available only the pom one, but he stocks regularly pc also.


KBDFans also has a 60% PC Plate:

Unfortunately they only have the 2u left shift plate available at the moment, not sure if that’s something they plan to restock or not but if it’s the layout you’re looking for maybe it will work.

If POM is an option and you’re in the US you can order plates from Ponoko if you have a plate file (I think you should be able to find one floating around out there depending on your layout).