I don’t really know how these classifieds work…help me if there is an issue please.

I narrowly missed a GB spot on cannonkeys and mykeyboard.eu isn’t replying to emails.
If there is anyone willing to sell their spot for the GB, please contact me.

EDIT: The requirement ended.

You will probably have better luck on geekhack than here tbh

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I tend to think you guys are lucky for me…
mykeyboards.eu contacted me finally and actually gave me a quotation PLUS SHIPPING that cheaper than just the $350 tag I had on cannonkeys.
Cannonkeys was extremely nice to me and was very patient with my noobness and curiosity… And if there were pieces available there I still would go with him as a courteous gesture in response to his amazing kindness.
But they are all out so my option is EU and I actually have it much cheaper too…
I might actually be able to finalize this there… :slightly_smiling_face:

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