Engineer SL-71 LED Flashlight Loupe Magnifier With

I’ve always been a fan of the Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker, so I just picked up a Engineer SL-71 LED Flashlight Loupe Magnifier, because I’m in need of a lighted hand held magnifier. So far, I’m pretty impressed with it, and it’s not bad for $30.

Key notes:

  • The body is made out of plastic.
  • The magnification is 10x.
  • The lenses can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • There is a 0.5mm scale on the in side.
  • It takes 2 C batteries (It came with 2 Toshiba batteries.)… I’m imagining. that they will last a while.

So far I like it. It’s a nice consolation to my normal desk magnifying light, that is currently stuck behind my monitor, due to a limited amount of space.

My only gripe, is that the battery compartment could be secured a little tighter. I don’t for see it coming off on it’s own, but it would be a little more reassuring if it clicked into place with a little more authority.

Here are a couple pics:

Note: for the second picture, I had to put the camera right up against the lens, so the light didn’t effect the camera’s ability to the focus.


How do you hold that and the soldering iron and the part you’re soldering/solder? I’ve used something like This when I really needed something and didn’t have a microscope

I don’t use it for soldering, it’s just for reading stuff, that is too small or for inspecting.

I have a big Magnifying Lamp, for projects.

This is my temporary setup at my parent’s house, while I wait for my house to sell, before I move.