ePBT Blank Blue Keycaps now available!

Hey everyone!

With the help of Sifo (designer of GMK Alter), we will be launching this ePBT Blank Blue keycap set which is an iconic blank blue keyset that has since been discontinued. This set will be available for purchase on ApexKeyboards.ca
along side MechanicalKeyboards.com (USA) and MyKeyboard.eu (EU). This set will be up for pre-orders on ApexKeyboards.ca first, and will be in stock when the shipment arrives to each respective regional vendor.


  • Waiting for production to begin (As of Posting)
  • ApexKeyboards Open for Pre-Orders (As of Posting)
  • Estimated 3-4 weeks of production time
  • ApexKeyboards will ship within one week of receiving the keycaps



  • Blank Blue PBT Keycaps
  • Thick Cherry Profile Keycaps
  • Made by enjoyPBT
  • 121 keys included to cover various layouts such as ANSI, WKL, ISO, HHKB
  • Also covers most sizes such as 60%, 65%, TKL, 1800, 96, Full-size

Vendors and Pricing

Edit: If you are going to the Toronto Meetup in January you can pickup there no shipping fees message me for more info.

Would love a burgundy version of this

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Great idea! Will have to see if there’s enough interest for it. MOQ is a bit high for custom colors though.

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Oh hell yeah, looks like a blue follow up to red riot almost. I’m totally in for it.