ePBT DuckLight | A dark duck themed set

Made in collaboration with JJ48_24!
ePBT DuckLight is a brand new keycap set, with a “dark” duck theme. We have been working hard on it, and hope you will consider ePBT DuckLight.

Why ePBT instead of ***?

We have decided to go with ePBT to do something because of the oversaturation of GMK and KAT sets running right now. We also believe that PBT is a superior plastic to use for most use cases.




KBDfans Bella75



40% and ortholinear

Spacebar Kit

International Kit

Colevrak Kit


  • Fix 40% kit
  • Add full iso support and Alpha colored space bars
  • Get pricing and MOQ info from ePBT
  • Get feedback on sets
  • Make changes
  • Desk Mat if requested?
  • Start Group Buy

Feedback Survey
Please fill this out if you can!


Emil - Designed the novelties. A joy to work with.

Vorckus and Swishy - For Helping out with renders

Livingspeedbump - For his guide that got me down this rabbit hole

KBDfans - Providing Bella models for renders

Rama - Providing models for renders


Yo this is lit yolch is one of my favorite kits and this looks awesome. Any chance for yellow text on the mods?

Not gonna lie, I saw “dark duck” and opened this thinking it’d be a set inspired by the terror who flaps in the night.

And now I want to IC a set called “Let’s Get Dangerous” :eyes:


I knew ePBT was doing ABS doubleshot now, but this is PBT still? Is it dual shot PBT or all over reverse dye sub? I don’t own any all reverse dye-sub sets. Anyone that can speak on behalf of the process and whether or not it’s up to our “enthusiast” standards?

This is PBT


Maybe as a R2, becase we want to be sure we don’t have too many sets.

Basically, this will be ePBTs first full reverse-dyesub set. They did do some mod keys that was reverse dyesub however that wasn’t that successful. It seems like ePBT is willing to improve though.

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Will you have samples before we have to pay? :grin:

That will be on KBDfans side.

Please fill out the IC form, it helps out a ton!

Filled out the IC. Maybe I’m overlooking it, but I don’t see a R1 Delete, R2 PageUp, or R3 PageDown

I listed those on the IC form

I asked the other designer to add those to the huge list of things we have to do haha.

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ePBT is making samples for DuckLight!!!
Thanks everyone for your support

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