[EU-RO] [H] Norbatouch Galaxy Console bundle, GMK Nautilus base + Spacebar, GMK Purple Accent Keys One, Cheap Aviator connector & coiled cable [W] PayPal

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Timestamp GMK Nautilus +++
Timestamp Galaxy Console Norbatouch +++
Timestamp Other stuff +++

Prices are firm. No trades at the moment.


Price incl. PayPal tax Item & description
175 Eur SOLD 1.GMK Nautilus Base kit Description: Base kit is complete with all keys here, little use on my Heavy 6 - fc660c, no wear or shine, looks great.
35 Eur SOLD 2.GMK Nautilus Spacebar kit Description: new, split ones are sealed, only took off a 6u spacebar to check how it looks on my board
2 Eur SOLD 3.Aviator cable connector Description: old and vintage, looks great, use it to make yourself an awesome cable
2 Eur SOLD 4.Coiled black cable unknown connector, maybe miniDVI? Description: Great condition, looks custom made, haven’t used or tested it
Free with an item GONE 5.Random vintage switches bundle Description: old alps/cherry/unknown
600 Eur 6.Norbatouch Galaxy Class console + modded ANSI Novatouch inside + 3d printed spacer +++++++ Timestamp of things included Description: Modded to perfection, excellent condition, no marks.Here is a mad youtube video of the case with Galaxy Class DSA keycaps. The Novatouch is lubed, silenced with various silencing rings (Silence X alpha’s + Keyclack V2 outer keys + Hyperspheres mods) + has installed BKE Light domes inside. Very quiet and nice thock. The 3d printed spacer can be mounted between the 2 pieces of the case to make it taller to cover SA keycaps. The bundle comes with the original packaging for both boards, with the original dome sheet for the Novatouch and plastic case (plastic case is in bad shape). I am not splitting the bundle case + keyboard at the moment
32 Eur 7.GMK Purple Accent Keys One Description: new and sealed. Accent set from originative

Shipping to EU starts at 4 Eur untracked for small <50g stuff - 8 Eur tracked as regular mail. Keycaps with trays / sets & larger items start at 14 Eur tracked as package depending on location and weight.

For US, Asia, Australia, Canada, etc. shipping, just ask, I’m open to send anywhere :slight_smile:


Item Description
Paypal good condition