[EU-RO] [H] Red custom TKL with GMK Burgundy & KR kit [W] PayPal

Hello !
I have too many boards and some are getting very little to no use, so I’m trying to reduce my collection to only 2 :slight_smile:


Item Price incl PayPal tax, without shipping
My red&Burgundy Custom bundled with GMK Burgundy+KR alphas Red TKL alu case from YMDK, custom programmable PCB made by geekhack member TalkingTree, WASD V2 TKL plate + costar lubed stabs, dynamat between PCB & Plate, Lindy colied cable black&red, QMX Clips, case is in very good shape, does not have scratches/marks, zealios V1 67g (unlubed) the ones that were improved tactility/snapiness (R10,11?), most of the switches have the big centered leg snipped to fit the pcb (using the WASD plate with the custom PCB worked well but not fitting exactly I had to cut some centered legs that were supposed to fit the PCB) It’s build & soldered excelent. Mini USB. GMK Burgundy R1, in perfect shape barely used, no shine or marks, with KR alpha’s. Misses from the set a 7u spacebar & 1x 1.5 alt & 1x1.5 Ctrl, but comes with an 6u Spacebar from R2 400 Eur OBO

It’s hard to capture the board’s beauty in pics mostly because my phone camera suckes.

The pcb is fully programmable via EasyAVR, you can remap everything, adding macros, recording &playing macros on the go.

The pcb designer I think made it possible to program with QMK, but I don’t know exactly because I only tried EasyAVR, programmed it once and that was it.

For now I’m not splitting the board & the GMK burgundy set.
Looking to first sell the board and then the keycaps, so getting just the keyboard is an option, PM me

Shipping to EU starts at 15 Eur tracked as package depending on location and weight.

For US, Asia, Australia, Canada, etc. shipping, just ask, I’m open to send anywhere :slight_smile: