Experiences with Custom-printed Cases

Does anyone have experience with using services for custom-printing cases? There are a lot of different sites that print metal and such and don’t quite know where to start. For most handwired builds, I assume people use sandwich cases– ideally, I’d like a standard case, but sandwich cases look like the best option. If it helps, I’d love a brass top plate, and I don’t know what the best material would be for the bottom plate.


In terms of metal sandwich cases, I know quite a few people have gone through Laserboost which has been very receptive to the community!

They’re even active on this forum from time to time @LaserBoost!

Send them a message through their site and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out with the actual board once you’ve decided on what materials you want to go with.

If you’re going with brass top plate, I would think a brass bottom would look really great since you’d have that brass sandwich look with whatever material you’d want in the middle. Of course that might be the priciest option since that won’t just be one hunk of brass you need, but two hehe.


Yes! as @Manofinterests say, we are open to help you with the material election and purchase process. Take a look at our fully dedicated Keyboard Plate site: https://www.laserboost.com/keyboards and our custom part configurator (https://shop.laserboost.com/en/create) , if you have any doubt about your file or website operation, just tell us :wink:

You can also see what aspect you plate can take with this material page example: https://www.laserboost.com/keyboard-materials

Or just our main material subpage to see the property of each one: https://www.laserboost.com/materials

Follow us at: https://www.instagram.com/laserboost_official/