FFS, I need help

Form Filling Speed

Help me, oh swift ones. How the hell do you fill out group-buy and raffle forms so quickly?

Maybe I’m just old and slow, but I don’t understand how over 100 people could complete the form for the Jane v2 CE in 2 seconds. I experienced a similar failure today with a Nightcaps raffle. Is there a plugin I should use to autofill different options (aside from my basic contact info) in similar group-buys and raffles?

Please, help me spend my money.


I’m no expert in form-filling either, but I was there to witness the TGR Jane v2 CE group buy. What I think happened there was that the form was fillable in the minutes leading up to the eventual start time (11:30 Eastern), it’s just that hitting “submit” before the start time would render your submission invalid. So what people did was have their forms all filled out and ready before the start time, and then just clicked “submit” right when 11:30 hit.


This is exactly correct. This is how so many people submitted it within 2 seconds and ended the fastest groupbuy ever.

I’m excited about the Foundry just because these FCFS buys aren’t ideal. Just sit back and let awesome boards get developed, knowing you can pick one up.



What arrowM said about the TGR Jane v2 CE GB is true – the form opened prior to the xx:30pm time and people pre-filled and waited till it was the right time to submit.

But generally speaking, quick and accurate typing as well as Google Autofill will be your friends for form-filling.

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I don’t. So I don’t get the cool stuff. My wallet thanks me for being slow. :woman_shrugging:

Thank you all for the responses!

Sounds like I need to check the forms before drop times and spend some time practicing on 10fastfingers.

Another reason ppl are fast is text expansion / replacement

For example:

@@ would expand to the complete email with out needing to type it out completely