Finally joined the community here!

Hey ladies and gents!

Excited to join the community. Big time fan of mechanical keyboards and i’ve been building custom keyboard for my own joy for the past 4 years or so. Generally i am a lurker as i like to learn silently in an effort to not bother any one but as i was introducing my youngest son to building his first new keyboard we found this community here and it was refreshing to see such chill and relaxed group of builders and Mechanical keyboards fans.

Looking forward to get to know the community through future convos and interactions.




What was your first and / or favorite build so far? How about the one your son was working on?

This is indeed a chill and well-moderated space, and it’s probably my favorite one on the internet.

Glad to have you here!


Welcome to KT! It is a much chiller space here with actual discussion & everybody respects each other’s opinions. I 2nd Deadeye’s questions if you get a chance to answer them & look forward to seeing you around here in the future!


Hi and welcome! That’s the exact same reason I’m here. Good vibes. (And a good puns every now and then lol) With 4 years behind you, I’d certainly say you’re not new like me. Just new here. Excited to hear about some of your builds!

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