Finding that perfect key switch, and the rest of the anatomy. A beginners call for help!

I’m real happy I looked up reviews for that kit and didn’t order it then because the Box Navy’s are what I’m thinking I may like from what you described in your message lol. Also the kit was actual shit with poor build quality overall and I would have screwed myself.

I’m thinking of this IDOBAO ID80 CRYSTAL GASKET BAREBONES KEYBOARD since I’m kind of digging the transparent look.


There we go - shouldn’t be any issues with that one. Great looking board, too.

When buying a keyset, you’ll want to make sure it’s one with compatibility for 75% layouts, including a shorter right shift. That support is more and more common these days, but some sets still only support “traditional” layouts.

“104 key” sets will not include the short shift, for example - lots of sets on Drop do, though. If in doubt post or send a link of a set you’re considering and I or someone else will let you know if it will cover the ID80.

A few examples; GMK, MT3, IFK, and newer Akko sets are ones that pretty reliably have compatibility; Tai-Hao is hit and miss, Ducky makes good caps but no 1.75u shift keys.

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Awesome! Glad to know this one isn’t a dud lmao. I think I actually plan on ordering an artisan style anyways for that right shift so that shouldn’t be too big a deal. I don’t use the right shift so figured I’d decorate it instead xD I need to watch some videos on sizing too. I kind of understand what you mean by the u sizing but not enough to know what goes with what style layout, but that’ll come in time with learning for sure.

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