Finger pain

Alpacas are good, with modification. I have a bag of 100 or so, plus 100 Silent Alpacas.

If I might make some recommendations:

I bottom-out a little hard with stock 62 G Alpacas. If you’re using aftermarket 60 G springs, they may actually be better in that regard. 60 G TX is no slouch.

So I’ve found I enjoy 63.5 G Spirit and 65 G TX with Alpacas. Gives a little more resistance than stock [or significantly more in the case of the 65], and you don’t slam to the bottom quite as fast, especially with the 65. [Spirit springs are often a little too stiff and slammy for my liking.]

But it’s the Silent Alpacas where real ergonomics might come in. If the 63.5 still bottoms-out a little fast, why not cushion it?

So I have some 63.5 Silent Alpacas and I think some 65 on an Archon board I’m testing. Really nice. Even in stock form, these are some quiet switches. Even the stock springs don’t slam down too hard. But I can hear a bit of scratch and shuffling from the dampening materials, so it’s probably a good idea to lube these. Maybe with 105, to preserve the skating feel.

So Silent Alpacas, with stock springs, or something like 63.5-65. Stock especially, that is some easy typing. No pressure on wrists, joints. A little too easy for me! Just don’t lube it to death with some thick lube like so many people are doing.


I suspect cold solder joint.

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