First Switch Removal

Hopefully you all will find this cute but I just desoldered and removed my first switch and boy is this gonna take me some practice… Luckily there are 60 keys remaining! Harder than expected and interested to see if the board still works once I’m done with it.


Patience wins the day - if a switch doesn’t want to come out, give it some more solder and try again instead of pulling with even modest force.

I definitely learned that one the hard way. :upside_down_face: But hey - that’s part of it. The good news is that even if you do pull a pad or two while gaining experience, most of them can be jumped with a wire from another trace.

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But if it’s only one leg thats still have solder on u can heat it up and pull it out at the same time.


Diving in is the best way to learn! Also de-soldered my first time a few weeks ago and it took about half the switches to get the proper hang of things.
Watch all the videos or ask all the questions if you’re stuck along the way!
Good luck with the rest!