First Time DIY

Hey y’all, been looking into building my first mechanical keyboard and wanted to get some community input as well as double checking part compatibility :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve outlined the following in terms of the board’s parts below:

I’ve double checked everything and am fairly sure these items should be compatible but just wanted to double check before purchasing anything.

Some questions that I had in regards to this specific build and the build process in general:

  1. Do people recommend lubing the zilents?
    • And if so, should I initially break the switches in for a week or two prior to lubing?
    • What lube do y’all recommend?
    • What’s the best process for lubing tactiles (I’ve read/watched and heard that its best to avoid the legs)
  2. Similarly do people recommend lubing the zeal stabilizers?
    • And if so, what lube is best?
    • Should I use different lube for metal on plastic and plastic on plastic?

Despite the specific questions any feedback/help is much appreciated!

I would try the switches w/o lube to see if you like them. Just put them in the board w/o soldiering and fake type on them for a day or so and see what you think.

You MUST lube the stabilizers for them to not have rattle. I use dielectric grease. You can use superlube. It needs to be thick. Same stuff for metal/plastic and plastic/plastic.

Very nice first build. I love the sidewinder case

  1. I’d recommend lubing any switches it just makes them feel/sound better. For lubing tactiles its better to avoid the actual tactile bump of the stem as that can “mute” and lessen the tactile feel

  2. lube for the stabs is a must as the stabs as they can be the loudest/ annoying part of a good keyboard.

I’d recommend getting 3204 for switches and krytox 206 for stabs.

Oooh good call on the fake type strat, I’ll definitely give that a shot prior to lubing em up. And sounds good on the stabilizer lubing, I’ll look into dielectric grease/superlube (for the dielectric grease did you just get something like this?

Thanks for all the help!

That makes sense to avoid the bump of the stem. I’ll definitely lube the stabs and look into the recommended lubes!

Thanks so much!

I’m sure that will work. I used this stuff on my last several builds:

It’s all the same, really.

I’m not going to repeat what’s been already said because it’s all good advice, but I wanted to drop these links about lubing


Oh these are great! TaehaTypes vods actually got me wanting to build my first keyboard LOL

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