Fixed vs Universal plate sound difference

Hey all,

I did this partially to satisfy my own curiosity, I suspected logically that there would be an audible difference between the two plates but I was honestly a little surprised at how notable it is.

The boards are both Mechmini2’s with lubed retooled blacks and sprit 63.5g springs, the only difference is the plate, a fixed layout without switch opening on the cyan, and the stock universal bottom row with switch opening on the purple.

In terms of feel the universal does have noticeably more flex, though I wouldn’t say it were orders of magnitude. Both entirely still feel as you would expect with aluminium but side by side the difference in both sound and feel is definitely noticeable.

As to which I prefer? I’m not positive. But surprisingly I’m actually leaning towards universal…

Let me know what you think!

cc: @Quakemz


you are right Chris there is a noticeable difference in sound , to me the universal(purple mm) sounds less harsh .The cyan board seemed to have a bit of a ping and a sharper sounding note