FL-ESPORTS CMK68-SAM 68-key - Hot Swappable or No?

Just getting back into keyboards after a 7-year hiatus, and going mildly overboard buying switches/keycaps/keyboards, as to be expected.

I ordered a 68-key board from FL-ESPORTS via AliExpress, and it came with Box Jellyfish switches. Not too bad, remind me a bit of white Alps switches, but I’d bought this keyboard with the intention of swapping switches.

it is advertised as hot-swappable, but I’ll be danged if I can remove a single switch. I’ve tried a couple of different switch pullers, and even tested with pliers (gingerly…), but no dice. Before I manage to rip a switch loose from the PCB, has anyone else tried this keyboard, and if so, is it actually hot-swappable?

It looks to be.

Are you able to remove the PCB from the case and check the underside for hotswap sockets? If those switches are PCB mount, then tolerances might be just super tight. You could go in from the top with a switch top opener, but some tweezers should suffice.

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I’ll look into that option! I don’t exactly know how the case comes apart, and I’ll need some small Torx screwdrivers to take off the weights/open case from underneath. Not sure of there are screws under the rubber feet, the only ones I can see are on the plate - taking those off didn’t loosen the case.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Pretty sure that it’s hotswappable, basing off this video ⌨️ ЛУЧШАЯ за 5990₽ МЕХАНИЧЕСКАЯ КЛАВИАТУРА | CMK68 - YouTube

The package should’ve shipped with a switch puller as well, basing off the video. Next, you should try to fit your switch puller in the North-South facing of the switch. When you squeeze the switch housing, you should feel the plastic clips of the switch being compressed (these clips affix the switch onto the mounting plate) then just tug upwards and the switch should come off


Thanks, that worked! I think I was avoiding the North side of the switch, because it has that opening for LEDs, but that method of removal worked a treat!

Much obliged!

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