Flashquark Weekend Sale

I just wanted to let you guys know that we are having a sale on all varieties of Pudding Keycaps as well as borderlit keycaps! These are the perfect compliment for keyboards with RGB backlighting and now’s your chance to get them at a discount!
For those of you with boards without RGB but want to make them have a bit of RGB flair, I suggest taking a look at the Pudding Rainbow Colored keycaps below. It’s a bit different than the usual pudding. :slight_smile:

Borderlit keycaps: https://flashquark.com/product/oem-borderlit-shinethrough-keycaps/

Pudding Black and White keycaps: https://flashquark.com/product/pbt-pudding-keycaps-black-and-white-oem-profile-104-keys/

Pudding White on White keycaps: https://flashquark.com/product/oem-pbt-pudding-keycaps-white-on-white-104-keys/

Pudding Rainbow Colored keycaps: https://flashquark.com/product/oem-pbt-rainbow-pudding-keycaps/

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