Gateron ink stabs v2? Has anyone tried them?

Lucky u :upside_down_face: I think one of three have been bent for me.


Damn, really! I mean are they bent to the point you honestly think they’d cause issues or just slightly bent like the few 7u ones I found in my stabilizer stash?

Who knows, I always fixed / discarded them before mounting them… :joy:

But there was one build I never checked them and that one didn’t sound too good…

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Y’all talking about receiving bent stabilizers while back in they day we were working out how exactly to bend stabilizers :joy:


The wire thing seems super hit-and-miss to me. I customized a GMMK Pro for someone recently, and they wanted something other than the GOAT stabs, so I ordered some Morgrie ones since they fit in that plate.

Wires were mostly fine, but hoo boy the 7u one was not straight. Good thing he didn’t need it. Morgrie’s packaging basically has the wires embedded in foam, so the lack of true is probably either from production or the packaging process.

On the cheapo side, I’ve had plenty of off wires. Nothing crazy that is obvious just from looking at it like that 7u, but putting them on a flat surface and tapping one side makes them teeter and rattle.

So far my solution for that is digging around for a straight one - I definitely don’t have the straightening thing down yet. I plan to either get some plastic syringes like :3ildcat’s, or maybe some of those rubber-coated pliers.

Edit: @Manofinterests ha, that’s rad! I didn’t know those little wire benders existed but I guess that makes total sense. Definitely could have used one of those a time or two!

When I built my Blackheart 101, I spent two days trying to make a spacebar stabilizer wire with one of those benders. I hate it.

What was the wire that you used? Like a coat hanger?

Hobby store wire. Close in gauge to original but not perfect. I took stabilizers to the store with me to test diameter. It’s way too expensive which makes the process all that less enjoyable.

I honestly don’t remember what gauge I used. It was not a pleasant experience and I’ve tried to forget it. Ha."/p/25259

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On the subject of bent stab wires, stabs wires these days are generally decent quality. I don’t usually go overboard with perfectly trying to balance my wires but I do see some videos or posts about folks really trying to perfectly balance their wires.

Do you guys think that it makes a big difference? Maybe I’m just not as sensitive to these things but for me it seems fine to do just regular amount of balancing.

I would say so, properly lubed stab with straight wires and the need for hole-mods should not be there.

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Just zeal stabs with ink colored housings, i’d only buy the wire though since the wires are the only good part about the stabs imo with the nice balanced wire and the packaging keeping it that way, though maybe just buying wires separately from zeal would work good. Or just wire balancing, getting lucky, or holee-ing other stabs would be cheaper. tl;dr great wire, but other than that just get durock v2’s

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